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Craig K. / Burham
Ticket Number: 2770

Huge congratulations to Craig, winner of our B5 Audi RS4 competition! Craig wouldn’t initially believe he’d won when we called him and was convinced it was one of his friends trying to prank him! But after watching the live draw back he finally came to the realisation he’d just won himself this beautiful example of the legendary B5 RS4 Avant and couldn’t get down to collect it from us fast enough. Congratulations again to Craig, this was his dream car so we couldn’t be happier it’s gone to a true Audi enthusiast and we wish you many miles of fun in the future!


Luke A. / Milton Keynes
Ticket Number: 7

Many congratulations to Luke, winner of our C63 AMG competition! Luke was watching the Live Draw on Facebook when his number was drawn and couldn’t wait to come and collect his new toy! Congratulations again to Luke, we’re sure you’ll love having a 513bhp C63 AMG Edition 125 Saloon gracing your driveway and keeping the neighbours on their toes thanks to that secondary decat exhaust. Enjoy!


Howard B. / Hampshire
Ticket Number: 1731

Many congratulations to Howard, winner of our E46 M3 competition! Howard was over the moon when he found out he’d won the E46 BMW M3! Having only just bought himself a car a few weeks prior to the competition, this came as an unexpected (but very welcome) surprise! Congratulations again to Howard, he literally dropped everything and came to collect within 48hrs of receiving news that he was now the proud owner of an E46 M3, it was great to meet you and your family and we hope you enjoy the car!


Mike B. / Portsmouth
Ticket Number: 1026

Huge congratulations to Mike, winner of our E92 M3 competition! Mike has watched every Live Draw so far – apart from the one he actually won! We managed to call Mike whilst on the Live Feed to get his reaction after his number was announced, initially he didn’t believe us, but slowly the realisation set in that he’d just won this beautiful E92 M3 and he couldn’t get to us quick enough to collect it! Congratulations again Mike, it’s an amazing car and we hope you enjoy it.


Arfan S. / Walsall
Ticket Number: 1996

Congratulations to Arfan, winner of our 440bhp M140i competition! Arfan was watching the Live Draw when his ticket number got called out, winning him this insane spec BMW M140i. Like most of our other winners, he wasted absolutely no time in coming down to collect his prize, we hope the drive home was an enjoyable one. Congratulations again Arfan, enjoy your new toy!


Jaudon P. / London
Ticket Number: 2299

Congratulations to Jaudon, winner of our Golf R competition! Jaudon was also tuned in to the Live Draw when his winning ticket number got called out, securing him this perfect-spec 400bhp Golf R. Like most of our other winners, Jaudon was quick to come and collect his prize, and is now the owner of possibly the nicest-spec mk7.5 Golf R out there! Congratulations again Jaudon, enjoy your prize!


Andrayoss V. / Worcester
Ticket Number: 30

Congratulations to Andrayoss, winner of our BMW M2 competition! Andrayoss was also watching the Live Draw when his ticket number got called out, winning him this beautiful BMW M2. Within a few days he was collecting his new pride and joy from us and is now enjoying life as an M2 owner! Congratulations again Andrayoss, enjoy your M2!


Zac D. / Colchester
Ticket Number: 2109

Congratulations to Zac, winner of our 668bhp E92 M3 competition! Zac wasn’t watching the live draw but we managed to catch him on the phone whilst he was out for dinner with his family, we guess dessert tasted pretty sweet afterwards! Zac is a big BMW fan so has plans to keep and enjoy his newly acquired ‘charged M3 – with approaching 700bhp we’re sure it’ll provide plenty of ongoing entertainment. Congratulations again Zac, we hope you enjoy your M3!


Murdo D. / Scotland
Ticket Number: 6508

Congratulations to Murdo, winner of our 342bhp Sabre-Tuned ST-3 competition! This really was one of the most cherished and low-mileage Focus ST-3s on the market anywhere in the UK! The previous owner wrapped it in cotton-wool and treated it like his baby, so it made our day to see another long-time ST-3 lover win this beauty! Well done Murdo, we hope you cherish your new toy!

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