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Frequently Asked Questions

We hold a live draw on our Facebook channel where you can tune in to watch the draw take place and the winner being selected at random. We use the Google Random Number Generator to make sure the winner selection is done at random, and provide a demonstration on how it works so everyone can see the draw is random. We also demonstrate each draw is taking place live by interacting with the audience during the live feed.

1. Create a free account.
Before you can enter any of our competitions you need to set up a free account. Simply click the Login/Register link, choose the ‘Register‘ option and fill in your details to create and activate your account. Please remember you must be a resident of the United Kingdom and 18 years of age or older in order to participate in our competitions. We verify the ID and address of all winners prior to releasing prizes, so please ensure you are qualified to enter and that the name and address on your ID matches your account. Once you have an LLF Games account you are then able to enter the live competitions that are running on our platform.

2. Select the competition(s) you would like to enter.
Browse our site to see the competitions that are currently running and open to enter. Click into each competition for further details of the prize, the number of entries that are available, when the competition ends, free postal entry method, and any entry restrictions that may be in place, such as the maximum number of entries allowed per person.

3. Answer the multiple-choice question correctly.
To be entered into our competition live draws where you have the chance to win the prize, you must first answer a multiple-choice question correctly. Each competition has a different multiple-choice question that needs to be answered correctly during the entry process. Incorrectly answering the multiple-choice question will mean you are still charged but will not be entered into the live draw, so please take your time to answer the question correctly. Each competition also has a strictly limited number of entries available, which helps to improve your odds of being our prize winner. This means you also know in advance of entering what your odds of winning each prize are.

4. Complete checkout.
Once you have provided your answer to the multiple-choice question and selected your number of entries, follow the steps on the screen to complete checkout. Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation with your ticket numbers and these can also be found under the ‘My Account’ area of the LLF Games platform when you are logged in. If the status is showing as ‘Processing’ or ‘Completed’ it means your order has successfully gone through. If the status is showing as ‘Failed’ or ‘Cancelled’ it means your order did not complete.

5. Wait for the Live Draw
When the total number of available entries have sold out or the competition reaches its end date, the competition will close and the Live Draw time and date will be announced shortly after. Each Live Draw then takes place on our Facebook channel where a winner will be selected from all the correct entries at random using the Google Random Number Generator.

Here is an example: a competition has 7995 entries available. Upon entering the competition you will be assigned your ticket numbers completely at random, this means you may receive a range of numbers anywhere between 1 and 7995. For example, you could be the first person to enter the competition but the system may randomly generate a high number such as 7953 for you. Likewise, you may be one of the last to enter but the system may generate a low number such as 8 for you if it hasn’t already been assigned and is still available. Regardless of whether the competition completely sells out or finishes with any amount of unsold ticket numbers, the full range of 1 – 7995 will be entered into the random number generator. When a random number has been generated, we cross-check it live against all ticket numbers that have been assigned. If the number has been taken we have a winner. If the number has not been taken we generate another number at random and cross-check that one. This process repeats until a winning number is found. For the avoidance of any possible confusion, this is the standard method we and most other well-known competition platforms use.

The planned draw date for each competition is announced on the competition entry page in the details area directly below where the total number of tickets is shown.
Where a competition reaches its total capacity of tickets before the proposed draw date, the live draw will be brought forward and a new earlier date will be announced.

Our competitions are only open to residents of the United Kingdom.

As we expand and add more locations, we will announce these here and across our social media channels.

If you are younger than 18 at the time of entry or not a resident of the UK please do not enter as your entry will not be counted and no refund will be offered. Please visit our terms and conditions for full eligibility criteria.

You can now earn LLF Games Points with every ticket you purchase! These get added into your account and can then be redeemed against future purchases in the form of a discount.

Our current promotional rate allows you to earn 50 LLF Games Points for every £1 you spend on tickets, with every 2000 points equalling £1.00 in credit to use against any future ticket purchase you make on our site.

You can view your current LLF Games Points balance under your account area and choose to use some or all of your balance towards your future competition entries. The minimum number of LLF Games Points you can redeem at a time is 2,000 (equivalent to £1.00 discount).

Yes, we are proud to say that every prize you see available on LLF Games is owned by us prior to starting the competitions, giving you peace of mind and total confidence that the prizes are here, just waiting for their new owners to win them.

Prize vehicles can be collected from our location near the Berkshire/Surrey border where a hand-over will take place, or in rare circumstances delivery to your registered home address within the United Kingdom may be possible depending on location. Ricky from Living Life Fast will normally be doing the hand-over and filming each time for featuring on our Living Life Fast social channels where winners will be seen with their new vehicles by our large audience of car enthusiasts. Where the competition prize may be a tech item, these are normally sent via carrier direct to the delivery address you have registered in your account.

On rare occasions you may find that your payment gets declined when going through check-out, leading to a failed order. If a payment does get declined you will normally receive an email from our payment processor confirming the order failed along with the reason your payment was declined. The order will also show a ‘failed’ status within the My Account area under your Orders. To help you understand the reasons, please see below.

AVS Policy:
This means that the address and/or post code you have entered during checkout does not exactly match the one the card is registered to. We recommend simply double-checking the details and trying again.

Not Authorised:
This is a decline from your bank, if they don’t recognise the transaction they may not authorise the payment, leading to a decline. In these instances simply contact your bank and they will normally unblock your card whilst you are on the phone to them, allowing you to complete checkout normally.

Invalid CVV/Expiry, etc.:
These declines are just from inputting the incorrect expiry date or 3-digit security code found on the rear of the card. Please check your details and try again.

LLF Games forms part of the long-established, internationally-recognised automotive social media brand – Living Life Fast. With over 1,000,000 followers and 200+ million views across social media since launching in 2016, the LLF brand has continued to grow and diversify into new automotive markets to meet the demands and appetite of its audience. LLF Games is the latest addition to our portfolio and allows us to add a new dynamic to our channel, creating even more engagement for our followers where they can now win the cars they watch in our videos. Please visit our social channels using the links at the base of this page to see some of our latest uploads and recent content.

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