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October 10, 2022

Here is an example: a competition has 7995 entries available. Upon entering the competition you will be assigned your ticket numbers completely at random, this means you may receive a range of numbers anywhere between 1 and 7995. For example, you could be the first person to enter the competition but the system may randomly generate a high number such as 7953 for you. Likewise, you may be one of the last to enter but the system may generate a low number such as 8 for you if it hasn’t already been assigned and is still available. Regardless of whether the competition completely sells out or finishes with any amount of unsold ticket numbers, the full range of 1 – 7995 will be entered into the random number generator. When a random number has been generated, we cross-check it live against all ticket numbers that have been assigned. If the number has been taken we have a winner. If the number has not been taken we generate another number at random and cross-check that one. This process repeats until a winning number is found. For the avoidance of any possible confusion, this is the standard method we and most other well-known competition platforms use.

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