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Harrison S. / Surrey
Ticket Number: 34732

Congratulations to Harrison, winner of our latest 99p car competition! Harrison won this rare Reflex Silver VW Golf R MK7 DSG with just 2 tickets! Will you be our next 99p car competition winner? Check out our current competitions now and it could be you next time.


Jack M. / Liverpool
Ticket Number: 24578

Congratulations to Jack, the winner of our first 99p car competition! Jack won our top-spec 425bhp BMW M140i Shadow Edition for just 99p, what a huge win! Will you be our next 99p car competition winner? Check out our current competitions and it could soon be you. Although this was one of his favourite cars, Jack ended up going with the huge £18,000 Cash Alternative option. Congrats again Jack!


Ronalds B. / Birmingham
Ticket Number: 7715

Congratulations to Ronalds, winner of this stunning F80 M3! This BMW turns heads wherever it goes and has the power to match its looks thanks to a comprehensive programme of leading performance upgrades, it’s one of the best F80 M3s we’ve had through our doors yet. Enjoy your new motor Ronalds!


Alex C. / Harrow
Ticket Number: 745

Congratulations to Alex, winner of our first superbike competition, and what a bike to start these off with! One of our dream superbikes, this Ducati 1199 Panigale S is one of the best-looking examples out there and really is a credit to its previous owner. We hope you enjoy your new Ducati Alex and congrats again!


Shane T. / Royston
Ticket Number: 2049

Congratulations to Shane, winner of our rare Ford Focus RS Mk1. Shane won this beauty with just one ticket and was almost speechless when we called him on the Live Draw! We hope you enjoy the car Shane, examples like these are getting rarer by the month!


Callum A. / Walsall
Ticket Number: 6795

Congratulations to Callum, winner of our gorgeous 800bhp Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe. We hope you enjoy what has to be one of the most powerful and best-looking C63 AMGs in the UK!


Tom W. / Yorkshire
Ticket Number: 2026

Congratulations to Tom, winner of this legendary 750bhp JM Imports built R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec. Tom has entered a few of our previous competitions, and it’s certainly now paid off for him! He won this GT-R with just 1 single ticket bought on the day of the Live Draw, what a way to end the weekend! We hope you enjoy the car Tom.


Faizan I. / Ilford
Ticket Number: 2234

Congratulations to Faizan, winner of our beautiful limited-edition BMW 1M. This was the first time Faizan had entered one of our competitions, and with just a handful of tickets he’s found himself the proud owner of this stunning high-performance icon from the M-division; and after a sleepless night of sheer excitement he came to collect it the very next day! It was sad to see this one go though as we know prices are only going one way on these ultra-rare low mileage examples. Enjoy your new motor Faizan!


Paul B. / Kent
Ticket Number: 6761

Congratulations to Paul, the lucky winner of this amazing 666bhp Supercharged custom-built BMW E91 M3 Touring. What a win, from only 3 tickets Paul now has the keys to this absolute unicorn of an M3 Touring custom build.


Safraz A. / Newport
Ticket Number: 7386

Our congratulations to Safraz, winner of this immense custom-built BMW M3 Touring with just one single ticket he purchased after feeling lucky on the morning the day this competition finished! Safraz made us all smile when Ricky called him on the Live Draw – he just would not believe he had won the car and was convinced it was one of his friends pranking him. Needless to say, after checking his ticket he was finally convinced and came to collect the car asap! Congratulations again to you, this is one of the best cars we’ve had on LLF Games yet.


Sergejs S. / Kirkham
Ticket Number: 10208

Our congratulations to Sergejs, winner of our 660bhp Pure Stage 2 Turbos BMW M4 with just two tickets! Sergejs was in disbelief when we called him on the Live Draw with news he’d won the M4, it took a while for it to sink in that he was now the proud owner of this insane Pure Turbos M4. Congratulations again Sergejs!


Sadiquel I. / Birmingham
Ticket Number: 3187

Huge congratulations to Sadiquel who won our insane 1000BHP F90 BMW M5 with just one ticket! Sadiquel has been a long-time follower of Living Life Fast on social media so it made the win even more special knowing that our LLF channel car went to one of our original fans! Keep your eyes peeled on our LLF Games / Living Life Fast YouTube channel for the handover video soon, needless to say he was over the moon with his win. We hope you enjoy your new car Sadiquel!


Stuart C. / London
Ticket Number: 5763

Congratulations to Stuart who won this gorgeous C63S Premium Edition! Stuart has been entering our competitions for several months and it’s finally paid off with this huge win! Boasting 580bhp, this C63S is both a beauty and a beast, and we hope you enjoy it! Could you be our next big winner? Check our latest competitions and get involved now.


Peter T. / Rochester
Ticket Number: 3879

Congratulations to Peter, our winner of this beautiful low-mileage MK5 Golf R32. These cars are becoming more sought-after each year, especially fine examples like this one that had been cherished by its previous owner and kept exclusively as a weekend toy. We hope you enjoy your R32, and many congratulations again.


Jay K. / Orpington
Ticket Number: 438

Congratulations to Jay who won this beautiful 445bhp MRC-Tuned Stage 2 Audi B7 RS4 in rare Sprint Blue (winner photo coming soon!). You may have noticed that both Jay and the winner of our recent E90 M3 below – Anton W – are both from Orpington. Well it turns out they are friends and Anton recommended LLF Games to Jay after winning his BMW M3. Jay then bought himself a ticket for our RS4 competition and only ended up winning it! Talk about a small world… This B7 RS4 was one of the finest examples we’ve come across, with amazing factory spec combined with a Stage 2 MRC-tune, this one is a true keeper that’s likely to continue going up in value. Congrats again Jay!


Anton W. / Orpington
Ticket Number: 253

Well done to Anton who won our immense E90 M3 saloon. These particular cars are becoming rarer and more sought-after every day, so it’s no surprise he took the car over the cash alternative! This was the first LLF Games competition Anton had entered, which just goes to show you have to be in it to win it. Could this be you next time? Check out our latest competitions and we could be calling you as our next big winner. Enjoy your new motor Anton, she’s a beauty!

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