Renault Sport Clio V6


Renault Sport Clio V6


Widely recognised as one of the most insane cars ever built by Renault, the Phase 1 Clio V6 packs a thumping 3.0L 24v engine right behind the front seats. This mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout set the foundation for a limited production run of these now extremely rare and collectable performance cars. With only 31K miles and comprehensive service history, this hand-picked Clio V6 is one to be fully enjoyed as prices of these amazing b-road weapons continue to sky-rocket. Win this car for just £20! Limited time offer – Get a free 6-month LLF Card membership when buying an entry for this competition. Use code LLFCARD20. See Prize Details tab below for full details.

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The Renault Sport Clio V6 is:

  • Front-engine / front-wheel drive
  • Mid-engine / rear-wheel drive
  • Front-engine / quattro-drive
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Lottery ends: July 24, 2020 10:59 pm
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Renault Sport Clio V6 3.0L 24v



Your chance to own one of the rarest performance cars to be seen on UK roads – the Phase 1 Renault Sport Clio 3.0L 24v – is here and she could be yours for JUST £20!

Even after just a short drive back from the dealership, we can confirm this car gets so much positive attention and creates such road presence that people just can’t help stop and look. And no wonder… the Phase 1 Clio V6 has now become a highly-collectable, yet still fully exploitable, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive motoring icon, the likes of which we may never see again. Just one look at the unmistakable silhouette of its unique extended bodywork, widened track, side intakes so big you could lose your children in them, and lack of rear seats in favour of a 230bhp 3.0L engine coupled to the rear axles, you just know every time you turn the key it’s going to be an event.

This particular example has been cherished and pampered, having covered only 31,000 miles since first leaving the showroom. Complimented by an exemplary service history record, and a very recent 12 month MOT with no advisories, this Clio will also come freshly serviced and the all-important belts changed by SG Motorsport ready for its new owner to enjoy.

Similar to other low-production limited-run performance cars of the 90’s & 00’s era, good examples of the Clio V6 have seen significant increases in their values over the past few years, meaning this is a car you could potentially store away (should you somehow be able to resist using it!) in the hope that values continue to climb in the future as the Phase 1 V6 becomes even more rare than it already is.

Enter now for just £20 and this extremely rare, iconic, highly-collectable Renault Sport Clio V6 3.0L could be YOURS!

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