750bhp JM Imports Skyline GT-R V-Spec


750bhp JM Imports Skyline GT-R V-Spec

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Here’s your chance to win this 750bhp JM Imports R33 Skyline GT-R V-Spec for JUST £11.99!

Maximum Entries: 8995
Max per person: 50

The R33 Skyline GT-R V-Spec needs no introduction, famed from the 90’s and featuring in the original Gran Turismo franchise, Godzilla had officially arrived. After the introduction of the R33 GT-R V-Spec into the Playstation generation, the Skyline name quickly achieved international cult status and Godzilla has been with us ever since. Everybody knew the RB26 engine could handle significantly more power than the Japanese ‘gentleman’s agreement’ limit of 276bhp, and this particular R33 is certainly a perfect example of this having been fully built by JM Imports for its previous owner. Now offering up a huge 750bhp, this GT-R has a build sheet like no other. So get comfortable, grab yourself a drink, and have a read through the below spec of what could very soon be your next car, then make sure you get some tickets for your chance to WIN this amazing R33 GT-R.


1995 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTR V-Spec Series 1
QM1 White
Genuine V-Spec model with anti roll bars, strengthening bars, rear active LSD, etc.
68,000 miles
2.6 litre 6-cylinder RB26 engine
ATTESA E-TS Pro all-wheel-drive system (pro V-Spec only)
HICAS (electric rear steering)
Active LSD rear diff (V-Spec only)
2 door coupe
5 speed manual

Switch for low boost 650bhp
High boost 750bhp
Switch for flame mode
Mapped by Romain Levesque @JM Imports

On link ECU software

Engine Build:

Candy Red powder-coated cam covers

Inlet plenum polished chrome
Genuine R34 GTR valve cover plate
Genuine HKS SSQV sequential dump valve
Oil catch can system with braided hoses AN10 fittings
New genuine OEM Nissan rb26 cylinder head
New genuine OEM Nissan N1 block
(better and stronger than rb26 block)
Ferrea valvetrain cylinder head kit:
(12) Ferrea Competition Plus Intake Valves (+1 mm)
(12) Ferera Competition Plus Exhaust Valves (+ 1 mm)
(24) Ferrea Valve Springs
(24) Ferrea Titanium Retainers
(24) Ferrea Valve Spring Locators
(48) Ferrea Valve Locks
Machine head work + port polish
Buckets shimmed to suit cams
Rocker cover + half moons bolt washer kit
x2 OEM cams seals
HKS uprated stage 3 camshafts
HKS inlet manifold gasket
HKS head gasket
HKS manifold ex gasket
RB26 head drain kit back to sump
Precision 6266 gen 2 turbo
Otaku billet intake manifold
90mm throttle body
6 boost exhaust manifold
Custom 4” downpipe
Custom made intercooler
Custom intercooler pipes
Custom hoses
Custom intake 4 inch pipe + air filter
Custom made screamer pipe
PS relocation
Wastegate Tial MVR 44
Weld on flanges
Custom sleeving and lines for water and oil
Forge motorsport turbo blanket
Blanks for block coolant

OEM Cam cover gaskets
OEM Cam cover bolts
HKS metal throttle body gaskets x6
HKS metal exhaust manifold gaskets x2
4” Exhaust flange gaskets x2
4” exhaust flange gasket downpipe to Centre
Tomei oil restrictor
CAS sensor gasket
OEM uprated N1 water pump
OEM timing belt kit with pulleys and rollers
HKS Uprated Kevlar timing belt
OEM Woodruff key for bottom pulley
Uprated Tomei metal head gasket
APR head stud bolts
CP 86.5 forged pistons
CP piston rings
MANLEY forged rods
Uprated N1 oil pump
ACL Race bearings
ATI uprated crank damper
LINK oil pressure sensor for engine protection
TOMEI oil sump baffle plate
Oil cooler + relocation kit

OEM front crank seal
OEM rear crank seal
Block bored out to suit oversized pistons and  machined including water and oil galleries bored honed new core plugs and block face skimmed
Millers 5W40 fully-synthetic oil (changed every 3-5k miles)
New coolant
OEM oil filter
OEM fuel filter
OEM crank sensor
OEM thermostat
OEM coolant temp sensor
OEM coolant temp gauge sensor
Uprated coolant pipes
Silicone vac feed
Uprated dual -core cooling alloy radiator
Nismo oil cap
RB uprated trigger kit
Link G4 wideband sensor
Link G4 uprated air intake sensor


Doluck uprated ignition harness
Splitfire ignition packs x6
Heat Range 8 NGK spark plugs


4” custom downpipe
Custom made centre pipe
Custom 4” backbox


CUBE speed premium short shifter kit
Supertek racing Australia 1-4 close ratio gearset new uprated syncros seals etc. full rebuilt winter March 2021
Supertek racing Australia Uprated 5th gear for final drive at lower rpm and capable of 200+mph
Motal Gear 300 75w90 gearbox oil
Shockproof Active LSD oil (2019)
Extreme twin plate clutch
Converted from push type to pull type clutch


Link G4+ ECU
Other link sensors added for engine protection


HKS fuel rail
HKS fuel pressure regulator
HKS fuel pressure sensor via link
1000cc Sard injectors
Uprated 750 Walbro fuel pump
Earthing modification
Mapped on Shell V-Power 99 octane


Brembo drilled and grove front brake disc
Ferodo 2500 front brake pads
DOT 5.1 racing brake fluid
Rear Ferodo 2500
Brembo grooved rear discs
All new brake lines


18” Bola B1 alloy wheels
Powder-coated dark anthracite grey

4x Pilot Sport 4 Cup 2 racing semi-slick tyres


BC racing coil-overs
Conceptua Icas delete kit
Above and 4-way laser alignment as of 7/5/19


Carbon fibre front splitter
Carbon fibre rear devil spoiler blade
Front bumper Nismo N1 air ducts
100% black tinted rear windows
Fully undersealed and sealed in gloss black enamel including gloss black arms subframes
Aero wipers
Rear wiper and motor removed
Aircon motor, radiator etc. removed


Personal Nardi 350mm steering wheel with GTR Centre emblem
Genuine Nissan GTR floor mats front and rear
Gloss black wrapped dash trim
Nismo gear stick cover 
Nismo speedo dials (rare)
Green LED bulbs for gauges and speedo


HID night-eye xenon headlight lamps
LED white side lights
LED rear brake and side lights
LED Rear number plate white lights


Clifford Concept 600 alarm and immobiliser
Enforcer car tracker

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