Juicy Details Car Care Bundle


Juicy Details Car Care Bundle


Win a HUGE Juicy Details Premium Car Care Bundle worth over £200.

Home of the latest and greatest car cleaning and detailing products, Juicy Details have quickly become the number one choice for car enthusiasts everywhere looking to get their vehicles into ultimate show condition. This premium car care bundle includes everything you need for the exterior and interior of your vehicle and will keep your pride and joy looking its best for a long time to come.

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Answer the question:

Which one of the below sentences is grammatically correct?

  • one of the cars need’s to be cleaned
  • One of the cars needs to be cleaned.
  • One of the car’s need to be cleaned
  • One of the car need to be cleaned.
  • One off the cars need to be cleaned.
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Lottery ends: August 13, 2020 11:59 am
Timezone: UTC+1

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Juicy Details Premium Car Care Bundle



Win yourself a HUGE bundle of premium car care products from Juicy Details and take your car cleaning to a whole new level. This bundle includes all the below best-selling Juicy Details products and even comes with TWO buckets for separate Wash and Rinse water (search for the two bucket technique on YouTube to see how this helps protect your paintwork during cleaning).


⭐All Purpose Pre-Wash Cleaner

⭐Berry Quick – Quick Detailer

⭐Bleeding Iron – Brake Dust Dissolver

⭐Ezzee Bead Nano-Sealant

⭐Fast Wax

⭐Gel Trim

⭐Mojito Bubbles Gloss Bathe Shampoo

⭐Clean Trim – Anti-bacterial Interior Cleaner

⭐Fabric Cleaner

⭐Gloss Trim – Interior Dressing

⭐Leather Cleaner 2 in 1

⭐Signature Ceramic Wax

⭐Car Wash Bucket – Wash

⭐Car Wash Bucket – Rinse

⭐Liquidator Premium Luxury Drying Towel

⭐Glass Cloth

⭐Juicy Details Detailing Brush


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